Folly of Man – two dead roses in the cold

The folly of a man spoils his ways, and he blames God in his heart. Proverbs 19:3. I’ve seen it, unfortunately. Someone wants their own way, in a spoiled child sort of way, and when they don’t get it, they blame God. Even though what they want will utterly destroy them, their loved ones, maybe even the world around them, God says “No” to protect them, just as a parent tries to protect the small child from running into the middle of the road. Then the folly of man brings hardness into his own heart, and he is angry with God.

In this Advent season, we are waiting for Emmanuel, God with us, to dwell with us, and to ultimately save us. This little helpless, sinless baby had to come into this world and die because of the folly of man.