Friedlander Trading Post 1982

Friedlander Trading Post, August 1982. The old trading post that sat on the shoreline of the Columbia River between Whitestone Rock and Hellgate. Local oral history says it was first built around 1860 and had orchards, vineyards, as well as the homestead and trading post. It was moved due to the construction of Grand Coulee Dam to it’s location here in the picture around 1940. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a fire in 1983.

Eagle on a pole

Bald Eagle on a perch pole downstream of Grand Coulee Dam. These poles were erected as part of the mitigation for building of the Third Powerhouse during the 1970’s. Even though some have gone into disrepair, the eagles and osprey still use them to fish from.

Singing Osprey?

Same juvenile Osprey but seems to have eaten too large of bite or has something not going down correctly. Took him a few minutes but finally got it figured out. Down the hatch!

Rabbit and the Apricot Tree

Cottontail Rabbit on the front lawn next to the Apricot tree. These are quite common around the house. Not big enough to eat, but small enough to eat the flowers out of the flower pots on the deck. We’ll call him Thumper.